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Who knew honest conversations about parenting and pornography could be so laid-back and fun? Join Melody and Marilyn for a series of chats and interviews on their journey to help fellow parents tackle this challenging topic with their kids.

Oct 9, 2019

With so many different levels of anime intertwined with our pop culture, where do we draw the line with our kids? How do we keep them safe? 


Pokemon. Digimon. Manga. Hentai. All of these things are considered “anime” … but what should we allow in our homes? Does “innocent” content lead our kids into darker...

Sep 24, 2019

What did you do when your child confided in you that they had seen porn? If you freaked out and lost it, then congratulations--you’re human! Here’s how to move forward after that initial parenting fail. 


We all want to be that perfect parent. The cool one. The one with a plan and a checklist. The one who hears...

Sep 11, 2019

Wondering how to start the sex talks with your kids? Join us as we chat with Dina Alexander, author of the 30 Days of Sex Talks book series, and founder of Educate and Empower Kids.


Dina Alexander, MS, is the founder and CEO of Educate and Empower Kids. She is the creator of How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography...

Aug 28, 2019

Tried to talk to your kids about sex? Epic fail? We feel your pain. A lot of our parents send in sex talk questions. The point of this show is to help us to remember to relax! Have a sense of humor! And don’t try so hard to be perfect! 


Tune in for some hilarious stories from parents--including US--failing...

Aug 14, 2019

In this episode we’ll be talking about kids trading nudes or “sexting” as the old people like to say! Why are kids participating in this risky behavior? And what can we do about it?


Recently we were chatting with a safety officer at a local middle school who relayed the following story (shared with...