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Media Savvy Moms is a podcast by Parents Aware, your go-to for information on how to talk to kids and teens about pornography and healthy sexuality.

Who knew honest conversations about parenting and pornography could be so laid-back and fun? Join Melody and Marilyn for a series of chats and interviews on their journey to help fellow parents tackle this challenging topic with their kids.


Hello! My name is Marilyn Evans. I am a Parenting Coach and founder of Parents Aware, an organization dedicated to helping parents have open, non-shaming communication with their kids about pornography and healthy sexuality. With an educational background in family communications I believe that even the most difficult conversations can be made easy.

Co-hosting the Media Savvy Moms podcast with Melody Bergman is an exciting piece in this conversation. Talking openly with my own kids about tough subjects did not come easy at first. I had to learn how to get over fear and inhibition—BIG TIME!

I absolutely love the work I do! Why? Because every time we succeed at having honest, non-shaming conversations with kids about harms of pornography we make a difference! Not just in the here and now, but for our kids’ future happiness.

Supporting me in this endeavor is my wonderful husband, our five boys, two beautiful daughters-in-law and our spastic but loyal rescue dog, Mandi.

Contact Marilyn to book a private coaching session or live presentation. 



Hi! I'm Melody Bergman, aka Mama Crossroads. I wear many hats, but mostly I'm a mother and step-mom of three awesome boys, instructor at Defend Yourself Virginia, and facilitator for the Virginia Alliance on Sexual Exploitation. Co-hosting the Media Savvy Moms Podcast is definitely a journey. Marilyn is a fantastic partner, and we are a great team! We are both wildly passionate about helping and protecting children and families. 

I launched into this work because I want people--especially parents--to know that they are not alone and that they can do hard things. I've been there. I am a survivor. A history with childhood sexual abuse, divorce, addiction, and other trauma has prepared me to help others. I am here to share a message of hope. We can move mountains together, and there is always light on the other side. A bachelor's degree in communications has given me the perfect vehicle to deliver my message to the world.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my husband and crazy boys, reading and playing the piano.

Contact Melody to ask a question or book a live presentation.