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Media Savvy Moms is a podcast by Parents Aware, your go-to for information on how to talk to kids and teens about pornography and healthy sexuality.

Who knew honest conversations about parenting and pornography could be so laid-back and fun? Join Melody and Marilyn for a series of chats and interviews on their journey to help fellow parents tackle this challenging topic with their kids.

Mar 25, 2020

Sex Talks for Daughters Dina Alexander

What is the most important message you want your daughter to hear from you about sex? Such a great question! We wish we had come up with it. But truly, it’s from Dina Alexander of Educate Empower Kids. Lucky us, she’s back on the podcast! This time helping us take sex talks for daughters a step beyond periods and puberty. 

We don’t have to tell you that the media isn’t very kind when it comes to women. From movies and magazines to social media and porn, women and girls are airbrushed and photoshopped, exploited, objectified, and generally made to feel like they are just not enough … or just enough to satisfy the male gaze

We claim to be an enlightened society, where women are respected and heard. And yet the same old dangerous sexual stereotypes repeatedly surface. Think about that. While we’re telling our girls that they can grow up to be anything they want—POWER TO THE PERIOD!—women are continually portrayed as sex objects on social media and in film and print. Is it surprising then that these scripts find their way into first kisses, dating, and eventual sexual relationships? 

Hmmm, looks like we have some work ahead of us. 

More about today’s guest

Dina Alexander, MS, is the founder and CEO of Educate and Empower Kids. She is the creator of How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography and the 30 Days of Sex Talks and 30 Days to a Stronger Child programs. It is her life’s work to help parents, teachers and community leaders raise strong, healthy kids who use technology for good in this new digital age. 


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