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Mar 27, 2019

ChrisMcKenna #FixAppRatings Blog Cover

Has your child ever bumped into inappropriate content on an app that was supposed to be "for ages 3+"? Ours have! The ratings system is broken. So what are we going to do about it?

Chris McKenna, founder of Protect Young Eyes, is one of the key players in a movement working to address this issue. The #FixAppRatings campaign aims to create a better solution that will keep our kids safe. Join us as we talk with Chris and learn how we can help!

About Chris McKenna: After a 12-year career in business advising with Ernst & Young, and six years in full-time middle school ministry, Chris is now the Educational Resource Manager for Covenant Eyes, an Accountability and Filtering Company. In 2015 he created Protect Young Eyes as a way to equip and encourage parents and students to use technology responsibly. Chris’ research has helped countless families around the country and the release of the Scripture-based Virtue in Media digital citizenship curriculum finally provides a faith-based teaching solution for schools. Chris is regularly featured on news, radio, and podcasts for his research.

About #FixAppRatings: No one is holding technology companies accountable for the impacts they have on our young people. Many apps popular with youth are incorrectly self-rated and include dishonest and generic app descriptions that deceive parents about the dangers kids face on these platforms. 

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Protect Young Eyes, Utah State Senator Todd Weiler, and child advocate Melissa McKay have started a movement to increase accountability in the current app rating system.

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