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Media Savvy Moms is a podcast by Parents Aware, your go-to for information on how to talk to kids and teens about pornography and healthy sexuality.

Who knew honest conversations about parenting and pornography could be so laid-back and fun? Join Melody and Marilyn for a series of chats and interviews on their journey to help fellow parents tackle this challenging topic with their kids.

Jan 15, 2020


Hey parents! Do you know what Pornhub is? Chances are, your kids know enough about it to carry on a conversation around the lunch table at school. Are you prepared to fight back against this multi-million-dollar monstrosity?

We’ve recently had an epiphany—a lightbulb moment if you will. Since we fight porn every day, we took it for granted that everyone knows what Pornhub is, but apparently that’s not the case! (See story below.) Well … you can’t stop an enemy if you don’t know it exists. So today we’re giving you the parent’s definitive guide to Pornhub. 

Can’t fight what you don’t know

A few weeks ago Marilyn was in a women's meeting. The ladies were talking generally about choices, and then they started discussing how you might respond if you see a threat creeping in on someone or something you love. The first thing is to decide between doing something or nothing, right? 

She had an example to share, so she spoke up: 

My heart was bursting, because a friend of mine had told me the day before how she had immediately acted on what she perceived as a threat to her whole community. Recently, a couple local radio hosts in our area had been promoting Pornhub on their show—a kind of joke, or a publicity stunt. I wrote about one such incident on our blog [add link]. 

Well, when my friend heard this happen on a separate occasion she immediately pulled over (she was driving at the time) and wrote detailed notes on her phone about what she had heard on the radio. Then as soon as she got home, she emailed the radio host and lodged a formal complaint with the broadcasting standards council. Yes!!! Citizens in Action! (That’s what we love to see! Just like we were talking about in our episode with Melissa Blair, Campaign for a Porn-free Childhood.)

I thought my women friends  would be stoked. To be honest, they all looked kind of underwhelmed. That was, until one of them blurted out. “What’s Pornhub?” (Bless her heart for asking!)

I was stunned. I had assumed everyone knew about Pornhub—even the blue-hairs in our group. As Forbes magazine points out: 

[QUOTE]“With page stat numbers in the billions, it's hard to imagine that there are people on this planet somehow not viewing or uploading content to Pornhub.

I looked around and I saw many women (younger and older), with the same confused look, waiting for my response. To be clear, they all know pornography is accessable on the web. They just had no idea that it was operating as an efficient above-ground industry.

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Maybe you already know a bit about how the porn industry operates online. Maybe this is news to you. No matter what knowledge-base you’re starting at, this episode has take-aways for every person concerned with protecting kids from internet pornography.

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What is Pornhub?

[4:20] Pornhub is the largest pornographic video-sharing platform in the world. Oh, and it’s free! Think YouTube, except exclusively for hardcore pornography. 

[6:15] Learn about MindGeek, the sneaky Montreal based company that is monopolizing the online porn industry. However, if you visit their corporate website, you’d have no idea what they actually do.

[7:55] Having trouble believing porn is such a big industry? Here are some statistics from Forbes magazine. Pornhub is very proud and very public about their numbers. Remember, this is just one website. In 2019, they boasted...

  • 42 billion visits to Pornhub
  • 115 million visitors a day
  • 6.8 million videos were uploaded 
  • 1.36 million hours of new content (=169 years) 
  • 98,000 new models (as in, amature porn stars ... these are human beings

[10:10] Learn about Pornhub’s mission to normalize porn consumption through methods like academic scholarships, attempts to sponsor sports teams, and--of course--advertising. (Did you hear about the outrageous Pornhub billboard on Times Square?) In the end, it’s all about the money.

How is Pornhub targeting our kids?

[13:30] Have you witnessed the cuteness overload that is “Baby Yoda” from the hit series Mandalorian? Learn how the Pornhub logo became associated with this tiny tot in a viral meme that normalizes porn use by our children.  

[18:45] Gail Dines from Culture Reframed always says “follow the breadcrumb trail of an average 11-year old” to find out what is available to our children online. Remember, there is no age gate on Pornhub. Unfortunately, if our kids aren’t accessing this site, then their friends at school probably are. That is why we need to have open conversations with our kids!

[19:35] How many clicks do you think it takes for a teen to get from SnapChat to Pornhub? Protect Young Eyes tried this experiment with a test phone and posted the results. Listen to find out what they learned.

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[21:00] When we looked at the statistics, most people (83%) were accessing Pornhub on mobile devices. But do you know what device is overlooked as an access portal  when it comes to KIDS and porn in the home? It’s actually gaming consoles. 

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And the stats for Pornhub back this up, too: 

“It should be noted that users were accessing Pornhub and watching porn on their game consoles as well. Sony Playstation led the pack with 51.5% of game console traffic … Xbox traffic accounted for 34.7%.” (Forbes)

How can we fight back?

[23:15] Tune in for some practical tips that you can apply in your own home! 

[26:25] Okay, we’ll give you one spoiler. Many of the solutions to this problem go back to basics, like creating a safe place to talk about ANYTHING with our kids. (Remember our Construction Site episode?) 

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Start a conversation

So … now you know what Pornhub is and how it is targeting kids. But what about your friends? Do they know? This week, ask another parent, “Do you know what I learned about PornHub this week?” Have your camera ready, ‘cause you’ll want to capture the look on their face when you say that! ” Or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, bring it up at parent group, like Marilyn did!

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[Image credit: Pornhub statistics, from Fight the New Drug]